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  • 28% of U.S. Rental Inventory
  • 14M+ Rental Listings
  • 16K Zip Codes
  • 800+ MSAs

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Leverage Data From 14M+ Listings & 16K Zip Codes

Gain a wealth of untapped insight potential into the rental market. Dwellsy IQ leverages more than 14 million unique rental listings from more than 800 metro areas and over 16K zip codes, giving us unprecedented access to extremely detailed and accurate data on the rental ecosystem.

This extensive database allows us to provide our customers with an in-depth understanding of detailed residential rental property information, enabling them to make more informed decisions when it comes to evaluating, investing in, or managing properties.

Raw Data Offerings

- National Rental Housing Footprint
- SFR National Data
- Multifamily National Data
- Regional and Local MSA’s; SFR and/or Multifamily Data

Data Delivery Cadence: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

Comps: Customizable per preference

Data delivered through Flat File, API, or alternative preference

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Use Case

What Can DwellsyIQ Do For You?

Our dataset includes up to the minute rent price data, property details, amenities information and detailed photography showing interior and exterior condition and amenities.  Rent price and vacancy information is often available 30 days in advance of actual vacancy. We are able to anonymize user data to serve a multitude of business cases.
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For Real Estate Operations
  • Predict and determine rental prices for individual properties or for markets in aggregate.

  • Evaluate properties for purchase/sale

  • Optimize asset and portfolio management


For Real Estate Owners & Buyers
  • Predict and Determine rental prices

  • Identify Acquisition Opportunities

  • Select Comps For Deal Memos

  • Make Portfolio Management Decisions


For Finance
  • Underwrite Residential Real Estate-Related Securities

  • Rental Price Predictions

  • Deliver Comparable Properties

  • Provide Property Evaluations for Purchase or Sale


For Insurance
  • Underwrite Properties for New or Renewing Policies

  • Monitor Covered Properties

  • Predict and Determine Rental Prices

  • Understand Comparable Properties & Evaluate Properties For Purchase or Sale

Revolutionary Technology

Uncapped Insight Potential

The dataset itself includes up-to-the-minute rent price data, property details, amenities information, and detailed photography showing interior and exterior condition and amenities. Rent price and vacancy information is often available 30 days in advance of the actual vacancy. We can also overlay anonymized user data.  

The data can be used to predict and determine rental prices, understand comparable properties, evaluate properties for purchase or sale, underwrite residential real estate-related securities, and understand user preferences.

Identify hidden trends and take advantage of new markets before anyone else. Stay competitive in today's dynamic economy with cutting-edge insights from an industry leader in real estate

Property Prices

Our Features

Why Choose Us?

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Reliable Source of Truth

Unlike other data platforms, our data is sourced from the largest rental site in the United States which offers a wealth of information available to all businesses interested in rental properties.

View From Anywhere

Our data covers over 16K zip codes, including virtually every metro area in the U.S.  Further it has deep coverage of both large and small multifamily as well as single-family rentals.

Sound Decision Making

We recognize that making sound decisions requires having access to accurate and timely information; that's why we constantly monitor changes and provide our customers with up-to-date insights into their own local markets.

Trusted in The Industry

Our commitment to quality has earned us a reputation as one of the most trusted providers of rental data software solutions available today – no matter your business size or budget constraints.


We Provide Four Categories of Insights


Creative Insights

Understand the impact of your image's ability to sell to a prospective renter by uncovering scroll and click data.



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Residential Properties

Segment data by Single-Family Homes, Small & Large Multifamily to analyze differences in residential property details



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Residential Prices

Trends about the differences in rental data based on geographical location from subdivision to zipcode



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Amenity Interest

Parse through amenity data to uncover which amenities are of strongest interest to the everyday American renter


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