As the largest home rental listing platform in the country, with over 14 million listings, we have access to unique data on rental trends and housing affordability across the country.
Our data helps renters identify the most and least affordable rental markets and view individualized rental market trends based on location as prices of apartments and single-family home rentals continue to fluctuate during the ongoing pandemic.
We break this data down regionally across the US so you can see the trends in rental housing and affordability in your area.

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Rental Market Data - December '23

Charting Success: 2023 Wraps Up with Optimism & Growth

From January to December, rents exhibited unusual stability across all property types and bedroom counts, a departure from the usual upward trajectory.

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Rental Market Data - November '23

Will Rent Decreases Bring a Jollier Holiday Season?

Although rents did not reach their usual seasonal peaks this year, they nevertheless maintained their typical seasonal decline throughout November.

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Rental Market Data - October '23

October Rent Prices Looking Less Scary

October is typically the beginning of a downward cycle in rents, and that trend seems to be holding, particularly for the benchmark 3-bedroom single-family rental home.

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Rental Market Data - September '23

Dwellsy’s September Shows Continued Stability

September was the hottest on record, but at least renters are getting a small break from the heat. This time of year, rents should still be climbing to their seasonal peaks, but we aren’t seeing that happen this year.

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Rental Market Data - August '23

August Brings High Heat, Low Rents

The rental market was neither sweltering nor extreme. Dwellsy’s August rent data is out and it shows the continued stability in asking rent that we’ve been experiencing for months now.

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Rental Market Data - July '23

July Brings Lower Rent

Dwellsy’s July rent data is out and it shows continued stability in asking rent - with some small declines this month.

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Rental Market Data - June '23

Rent Edges Up in June

Dwellsy’s June rent data is out and it shows continued increases in asking rent, particularly for 3-bedroom single-family homes, which were up $20 or 1.1% vs. the prior month.

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Rental Market Data - May '23

Short-term Rent Growth Flattens Out in May

After meaningful increases in rent in April vs. March, we saw numbers flatten out in May with zero rent growth in single-family homes (SFR) and an increase of $6 for apartments. Once again, this plays into a storyline of moderation in the rental market.

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Rental Market Data - April '23

Rent Is Going Up Again

April brought some modest increases in the rent levels and the question on all of our minds is: Is this the resumption of a more normal seasonal cycle? Or just a one-off variation from the declines we’ve been seeing in recent months?

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Rental Market Data - March '23

Good News for Renters in March

March brought another month of moderation for renters and landlords, as rents continued to hold the line with only small changes. The national median rent for 1-bedroom apartments has decreased since last month.

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Rental Market Data - February '23

Rent Prices Drop in February

After January’s surprising increase in single-family rental prices, February’s data brought a different story – drops in both apartment rent and single-family home rent vs. January. Both property types were off about 1% in February vs. January.

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Rental Market Data - January '23

January Rent Starts with a Bang and a Whimper

2023 is off to a surprising start, particularly for those in the market for single-family rental homes (“SFR”).  Median asking rent prices for 3-bedroom SFR properties were up a whopping $128 or 7.4% in January vs. December.

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How we collect our data

Our approach to data collection is different. Because we have a representative sample of in-market asking rents, we can provide the actual data that renters experience when they're looking for a place right now. Oftentimes, statistical analysis uses old data to represent the current market based on a set of assumptions. When you utilize our data sets, you are getting an up-to-date glimpse into the current rental market. Find out more about Dwellsy's methodology here.